An Epitome of Women’s Empowerment

6 Apr 2023

Sheamala doesn’t shy away from being a high achiever. Graduating with Bachelors in Business Administration was just the beginning of her learning journey. Now, she’s in the midst of completing her MBA course and is also a full-time working mum! One of her biggest takeaways of her entire experience in life  is being a role model to her children and the people around her. Come get to know Sheamala a little better in this edition of Voice of Averis.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I guess I would say that I’m a team player with strong organisational skills and I enjoy assisting my team in all administrative aspects.

  1. How do you describe your current team and role?

I’m currently a Team Coordinator for the ACE Digital team, where I assist in scheduling monthly, weekly, or daily meetings. I also assist in taking down meeting minutes and following-up to prepare for the respective call to actions. Apart from that, I’m incharge of handling all financial administrative matters for the Digital Team as well, where I assist the Heads of the IT Department and team leads with their expenses claim, and so on. On top of that, I manage the onboarding process of new joiners for the Digital team, allocate their seats accordingly, provide required access to internal platforms and other relevant requests.

  1. What is your most memorable moment in the company?

The most memorable day for me was during the company’s Annual Dinner in 2022. I had fun dressing up and getting ready for the event with my colleagues. The night turned out to be more memorable when I won the Best Dressed Retro Queen Award. I truly cherish that moment.

  1. What is the biggest achievement you have made within these few years?

I always wanted to accomplish my goal of completing my education and this year, I managed to take a step further by enrolling in an MBA course. I believe that this will help me further enhance my skills that’s needed for my career.

  1. What do you think helped you the most to build a career as a woman?

I always stay focused on the goals that I want to achieve. I also believe that it’s important to take initiative at work and ownership of the assignments that I work on. In my opinion, this is the best key for being a successful career woman.

My advice to other women (and men) out there is to focus on your desired goal, be confident with yourself, and be open to other opportunities. It’s also equally important to have self discipline and be consistent.

  1. What is the most important message you want to send out to young women thinking about their careers?

Don’t limit yourself. Always do your best to make an effort to improve yourself, and never stop going after your dreams.

  1. The theme for International Women Day 2023 is #EmbracingEquity. How do you think we can play a part in supporting and embracing equity?

The best way, I feel, is to give women equal opportunities without gender bias, especially ones who have exceptional talent in certain areas.

  1. What are some advice that you wish you had received earlier in your career and life?

Think of yourself as a lifelong learner. I’m saying this because learning made me successful in both my personal and career life. I started my higher education in Polytechnic Port Dickson in Telecommunication Engineering but my passion lies more in an administration job scope. That’s why I decided to make a change by getting a Bachelor in Business Administration (Honors) and work on administrative roles in various industries such as oil and gas, training industry, sales and operations, and so on.  Even to this day, I’m still learning as an MBA student so this gives me more confidence as it has taught me how to think more analytically.

Besides my career life, learning has made me become a role model to my children and other people around me. I’m glad that I can inspire them to follow the qualities that they observe in me. I’m happy to be who I’m now.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow so if you’re keen to build a strong career, join us! Send over your updated resume to recruitment@averis.biz and our team will be in touch.