Averis engages its customers in the strategising of its Continuous Improvement plans.

29 September 2020

Averis upholds a strong culture of Continuous Improvement, offering a systematic and pragmatic Learning and Development structure for its employees of all levels. We also engage our customers in the strategising of our Continuous Improvement plans. We recently ran our 2020 Annual Survey on Customer Satisfaction on top of the weekly PULSE survey (our quick 2-question survey to obtain instant feedback) to review our service level and our relationship with the customers.

Brought back with a fresh set of deliberated questionnaires and a new look, the survey was skewed towards producing accurate, specific and actionable data from which we can devise improvement strategies and define our directions. The survey was designed to be simple and convenient for respondents, and the outcome was a thrilling one – a whopping 123% increase in response rate!

Customers are at the heart of all we do. The data collected will help us identify gaps – allowing us to better strategise our ongoing #ContinuousImprovement plans – as well as to ascertain areas where we can innovate to raise the bar in service delivery.