My First Experience as a Recruiter

Coiie Cheng Chee Mun

Course Major: E-business Technology
Period of Internship: 28 Aug 2017 until 27 Nov 2017
Internship Function: HR Recruitment

What I like about my internship experience.
During my internship, I was responsible to source for suitable candidates from the job portal according to the job requirements from respective hiring managers. Hence, it required me to be able to analyze and match the correct CVs to the correct vacancies within a specific timeline. I felt satisfied when the CVs that I sourced was accepted by the hiring manager. After that, I arranged the interview session for the hiring managers to meet the candidates. I gained the hands-on experience in coordinating the end-to-end process for an interview session through this task.

Challenges I faced during internship and how I overcame them.
As everyone had their own schedule, sometimes it can be a challenge for me to arrange for a time which both the hiring manager and candidate were available to attend the interview session, regardless it was a face-to-face or virtual interview. There was one time when one of my candidates cancelled his job application after we have rescheduled the session for a few times.

What I have learned from this internship.
Through this internship, I had the chance to engage with people from all walks of life and I learned to communicate with people with different personalities. Besides that, I also gained both knowledge and practical skills of HR recruitment process in a company. Arranging the virtual interview was a new skill for me and I was trained to work independently while I was arranging for the interview session.

My advice for other interns.

  1. It is important to be able to tell about the company background to outsiders especially for a recruiter.
  2. Dress professionally especially when you are representing your company to engage with outsiders.