Converting Knowledge Into Real Practice

Chew Cheong Kenn

Course Major: International Business
Period of Internship: 21 May 2018 until 31 August 2018
Internship Function: IT Infrastructure, Desktop

What I like about my internship experience.
Among the most interesting tasks that I had worked on was maintaining the overall physical server systems in the company. Every week, I had the opportunity to go to Cyberjaya with one of my team members to perform the routine server checking. This fascinates me on how the overall physical servers systems work as it interests me to further pursue my ambition of becoming a system engineer in the future.

Challenges I faced during internship and how I overcame them.
From this experience, I only realized that what I have previously learned in my college is only a small fraction compared to what I learned throughout my internship period. Even though having to learn so many things in just a short period of time is challenging, thanks to the guidance and support provided by my team members, I was able to quickly learn and pick-up how to perform my duties.

What I have learned from this internship.
Throughout the duration of this program, I’ve gotten to know a lot of friends as they are friendly, easy to communicate with and always willing to be there for you. I have not regretted a single moment spending time with them. Besides that, there are also various fun activities that are sponsored by the company such as team building, festive lunches (Raya, Deepavali, CNY) and also movie days that will keep you engaged and motivated throughout the duration.

My advice for other interns.
Always maintain a good relationship with your team members and don’t be afraid to ask or to take the first step towards performing your duties.