Diving into IT in the Workplace

Christopher Choong

Course Major: Computer Science
Period of Internship: 16 July 2018 until 31 December 2018
Internship Function: IT Infrastructure, Desktop

What are the most interesting tasks that you had worked on?
Troubleshooting the daily incidents of the users at Averis has become one of the most interesting tasks for me. It has allowed me to learn and gain a deeper understanding of the company’s IT infrastructure. While it was initially tough to get a proper grasp, however as time went on and more incidents are encountered and solved, I began to understand better. I am now at a point where it is possible for me to identify the cause of a problem without going through a lengthy process.

What are the toughest challenges you had overcome?
The toughest challenges I faced while conducting my internship at Averis were adapting to a corporate working culture and understanding the whole company infrastructure and network. As all my previous work experiences were at privately owned small enterprises, working at Averis was a big shift in workflow for me. Even till now I am still learning about the company’s infrastructure to better perform my daily duties.

What do you most like about this program?
The aspect that I enjoyed the most about the internship program is the opportunity to meet various types of people, as my job scope involves assisting users with their difficulties and daily workflow. Another benefit is that the internship isn’t a typical “desk job”, whereby I am staring into the computer screen for more than half the day. There have been various times where physical work is involved in the job.

What would be your advice to the other interns who will be joining Averis in the future?
My advice to them would be to take each and every task performed or worked on as part of the experience. Regardless of the impact level, some of what was learned may be of use at later points in life.