New Experiences & Opportunities

Jacob Tan

Course Major: Computer Science
Period of Internship: 16 July 2018 until 31 December 2018
Internship Function: HR Recruitment

What are the most interesting tasks that you had worked on?
The most interesting task I experienced throughout this internship was that I am required to deal with people from different departments and levels.  It also allows me to meet new faces and people with different characters and personalities.

What are the toughest challenges you had overcome?
The toughest challenge for me is the response and feedback from the stakeholders and the candidates. Without the response from either stakeholder or candidate, we are unable to further proceed and it might slowdown our work process.

What do you most like about this program?
This internship program gave me a guideline towards my career path and which field I should focus on based on my interests and passion. There were experiences that can only be gained by joining this program which will be helpful to our future career that you won’t gain in the classroom. Overall, Averis is a good company with a comfortable working environment.

What would be your advice to the other interns who will be joining Averis in the future?
Ultimately, the company that you will work with in the future is not the determining factor of how well you perform. Rather, just give your best and most importantly, gain new experiences along the way.