Approaching the Real Working World

Michelle Chong Lee Yee

Course Major: 
Period of Internship: 02 May 2018 until 31 August 2018
Internship Function: Finance & Accounting (Center Support)

What are the most interesting tasks that you had worked on?
My daily routine is to process invoices, scan barcodes and prepare payment to vendors and employees. To me, it was interesting because I got to learn various payment methods through this process.

What are the toughest challenges you had overcame?
I found that needing to find original documents or invoices from the pile of paper was a challenge for me during my internship. Normally, they needed it urgently but I required some time to look for and confirm the documents.

What do you most like about this program?
I gained a lot of knowledge and skills during my internship period, especially on practical approaches on dealing with the real working world.

Also, it taught me to be independent in accomplishing my tasks and how to tackle obstacles together with the team.

What would be your advice to the other interns who will be joining Averis in future?
Communicate effectively with your team leader and ensure to work efficiently. Be honest and ask questions if there is anything that you do not understand to avoid miscommunication.