Recruiting Talents

Nur Farina Natasha

Course Major: Economics & Administration
Period of Internship: 06 August 2018 until 16 December 2018
Internship Function: HR Recruitment

What are the most interesting tasks that you had worked on?
During my internship, I was responsible for sourcing suitable candidates from the job portal according to the job requirements from the respective hiring managers. Hence, it required me to analyze CV’s and make sure that the CV matches with the respective requirements. I feel a sense of satisfaction whenever the candidates are successfully hired by the hiring manager.

What are the toughest challenges you had overcome?
As everyone has their own challenges, the most challenging hurdle that I had to overcome was my communicating skills; whereby I needed to conduct the first interview to filter the candidates to determine whether they were suitable for the particular position. It took some time for me to build some confidence, however I managed to overcome it and perform well after lots of practice

What do you most like about this program?
The thing I most like throughout this internship was the chance I had to engage with many people with different personalities. Besides that, I was given a chance to learn the full process of recruitment and from that I gained both knowledge and practical skills. This internship really trained me to work independently and it was a good opportunity to be part of the Averis team.

What would be your advice to the other interns who will be joining Averis in the future?
Always do your best in whatever you have been assigned to because it might be useful for you in the future and gain as much knowledge as you can to prepare yourself for the real working world.