Converting Knowledge Into Real Practice

Sia Kai Yi

Course Major:  International Business
Period of Internship: 21 Feb 2018 until 20 Jun 2018
Internship Function: Shipping & Documentation

What I like about my internship experience.
My role was mainly focus on managing daily shipping transactions. I felt interesting in handling and preparing the shipping documents for bank negotiation. I had the chance to know that each shipment uses different payment term to accomplish the trade transactions.

Challenges I faced during internship and how I overcame them.
Fulfil the satisfaction of customer was a challenge for me during my internship. The timeline to prepare for the shipping documents was short, and it usually happened during public holidays and weekends. Hence, I had to implement a few steps in advance to avoid unnecessary penalty, delay-related costs and fees in order to deliver the best service to customers.

What I have learned from this internship.
Through the internship, I gained hands-on experience in preparing the shipping documentation and utilize my knowledge from my degree course in the logistics field.

My advice for other interns.
Always ensure that you communicate effectively with your team leads and team members on concerns and expectations. It allows all parties to work collaboratively in solving issues and work towards the expectations of customers.