Warmth During The Strive

Sunthre A/P Santhiran

Course Major: Computer Science
Period of Internship: 5 Feb 2018 until 11 May 2018
Internship Function: IT Infrastructure, Desktop

What I like about my internship experience.
The most I liked about this program was the opportunity given to new person to handle cases with moral support. I did not only receive moral support from my team, they were also willing to spend their time to teach me the techniques in solving each case. There was no difference between permanent staff and the intern, everyone was being treated equally and fairly.

Challenges I faced during internship and how I overcame them.
The toughest challenge I have faced during this tenure was unable to finish tasks on time due to lack of skills in the tools that I need to use. Due to this, I was not able to manage my time properly and it affected me to deliver the best service to my stakeholders.

What I have learned from this internship.
Patching will be the most interesting and challenging task that I had during my internship with Averis. A lot of knowledge in regards to information system was gained such as learning about the various types of alerts in the servers, learning how an incident occurs and how does the engineer work on the incident to solve the issue.

My advice for other interns.
You will definitely enjoy the internship in Averis because you can gain a lot of knowledge and experience here with cheerful moments.