CNY Virtual Celebration – The Roaring Tiger

11 February 2022

Once again, the Averis-Ace Recreation Club (AARC) team has amazed #Averians with a roaring and astonishing CNY celebration. The celebration was run digitally with a high participation rate of over 500 employees.

The event started with wishes from representatives of our leaders, led by Chief Information Officer (CIO), Patrick Khoo. We’re reminded that 2022 is the beginning of an exciting 5-year journey for us, and Averians will encounter many new opportunities. All Averians play an essential role in bringing enormous change to the company!

Other than wishes, nothing gets a CNY celebration to a more meaningful start than an energetic YeeSang tossing session (LouSang). LouSang – a salad with all the ingredients selected because of their auspiciousness – was scooped up in loud wishes for fortunes and luck, good health, wealth, love and many more. The virtual celebration saw exciting lucky draws and various CNY contest winner announcements by our lovely emcee, which ignited the event before a roaring end to the celebration.

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