About Averis


At Averis, we have a wide range of internship roles, including Finance & Accounting, Human Resource, Information Technology, Shipping Documentation, Data Security, Change Management and Project Management among the list. We welcome undergraduate students who are keen to learn and always up for a challenge. Our internship programme is typically 3 months, but as an agile team, the programme can be from 2 to 6 months.

Interns with excellent results who successfully complete their internship with outstanding performance may be offered employment directly, converting the temporary tenure into a permanent job placement. If you are looking for broad exposure and a dynamic work environment, get in touch today.

  • Undergraduate students looking to complete Degree.
  • Good command of English, both written and spoken.
  • Possess a “can-do” attitude and keen to learn.
Application Process
  1. 1. Application
  1. 2. Interviews
  • Digital interview with our Talent Acquisition team.
  • Shortlisted candidates will go through another digital interview with the designated supervisors.
  1. 3. Offer
  • Get ready to join our highly dynamic and agile team!

What Do They Say?

I was looking for an internship position in Information Technology (IT) and I didn’t have any experience at all. When I spotted the job posting for an IT Helpdesk representative at Averis, I jumped at the chance to apply. My internship at Averis was an exciting and meaningful journey. The working environment was pleasant, and my team was always ready to give advice and assistance when I encountered challenges or had questions. As a result, I was able to learn and develop more than I had expected. In my internship role, I was required to interact with users from our customers’ sites globally, which helped improve my communication and interpersonal skills. It also helped me overcome my fear of speaking with someone I don't know. This is because my colleagues were always there to help when I needed it. I'd really like to return as a full-time employee if the opportunity becomes available.

Khoo Wei Hao

Information Technology Tower
Averis Sdn. Bhd.

I chose Averis for my internship because I wanted to learn more about accounting in a corporate environment. My sister, who is a full-time Averian, recommended that I join Averis. Throughout my internship, my team was extremely supportive and provided excellent guidance in preparing me for a real corporate world. I was assigned meaningful tasks and with my team, I was able to complete challenging and significant projects. I’ve become more detail-oriented and determined. I believe I’ve given my very best and I treasure the experiences I gained during the process. I will absolutely return to Averis if given the chance in the future!

Muhamad Syakir bin Razak

Finance and Accounting Tower
Averis Sdn. Bhd.

My anxiety on the first day of the internship was partly relieved from the moment I entered the office and was greeted with a smiling face at the reception. Everyone I worked with was friendly and supportive. One of the things that I learned throughout this internship is the importance of developing multitasking skills in the workplace. Averis has given me the opportunity to mature my skills by managing a wide range of assignments and tasks. I believe that Averis is a good place for me to learn, maximise my potential and gauge where I stand professionally. It will be a splendid chance if I get a permanent position in Averis.

Nur Hidayah binti Zulkarnain

Centre Support Human Resources
Averis Sdn. Bhd.

The internship at Averis allowed me to gain a wide spectrum of experience and knowledge. Although the work nature is challenging, I get to interact closely with colleagues, enabling me to fulfil customers’ requirements and achieve the KPI set. I also get direct access to senior leaders from whom I learned a lot. Whenever I face challenging issues, I can always seek advice on the root cause and together we put in effective solution. If you are an adventurous and ambitious person, I recommend you to join Averis today!

Syafiq Idlan Bin Faizal

Shipping Documentation
Averis Sdn. Bhd.

My internship at Averis was an incredibly valuable experience. I find myself learning something new every day. My team provides me regular support and guidance, and I am constantly motivated to push my own boundaries. With the range of assignments given to me, I feel I am being treated like a normal employee instead of just an intern as I am entrusted with important work. Through the 3-month journey, I have overcome my fear of speaking to strangers. I am now more confident with myself and I understand professional communication better – both internal and external facing. I would definitely recommend Averis to my juniors and encourage them to complete their internship here in Averis to better prepare themselves for professional life after graduation.

Harija Binti Mohd Salleh

Talent Acquisition
Centre Support Human Resources
Averis Sdn. Bhd.

During my internship, participating in various exciting events conducted by different teams in the company gave me a huge sense of job satisfaction. Above and beyond my role in the department, I was actively involved in other projects to provide Information Technology (IT) support. I get plenty of hands-on experience and exposure, which are the best ways of learning for a student before entering a full-time job. When you work together with different people, skills like multitasking, communication, learning to live with diversity and dealing with deadlines are different. In addition, this internship gave me direct access to leadership with whom I work closely and learn a lot from. At the end of my internship, I was hungry to learn more and to grow further in the IT industry, so I explored opportunity of a permanent job placement - and now, I am a part of the Averis family!

Muhammad Ikhwan Bin Shuhaidi

Analyst, Site IT
Information Technology Tower
Averis Sdn. Bhd.

Internship at Averis was indeed an unforgettable experience. Being in the Communication Team, it would be an understatement to say I was given all the support and guidance. One of the many aspects I enjoyed most throughout my journey here was teamwork. With every task given, everyone had a chance to chip in their thoughts and ideas. From planning to execution of events, the team had each other’s back. I was given all the freedom to voice out my opinions and ideas, make improvements and create magical moments. I feel empowered, and I know I mattered. All in all, I’d definitely recommend this internship programme to my peers, as there will always be avenue for continuous improvement provided. With this, interns will grow – both professionally and personally, and be well prepared for the workforce. If given the opportunity, I’d be glad to join the Averis family once again!

Daleela Imaan binti Akmal Baqi

Intern, Communication
Centre Support
Averis Sdn. Bhd.