Alvin Toffler – “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn”

At Averis, we nurture career development through continuous learning. We firmly believe in life-long learning and continuous self-improvement and have set a target of 32 training hours per staff, per year.

We believe that everyone comes to work with the aim of succeeding in whatever they do. To enable you to do just that, we provide you with continuous training and development. Our training extends beyond the technical areas required for your daily duties and also includes programs that enhance your personal effectiveness, leadership, communication, decision making and critical thinking.

As you progress in your career with Averis, our Learning Roadmap will help you steer your development upwards and onwards.

Partnerships and Accreditations with Professional Associations

We are proud to have secured professional accreditations and your work experience with us will be recognized accordingly. You will be supervised by seasoned professionals who will guide and encourage you to succeed:

  • ACCA Approved Employer – Professional Development
  • CIMA Training and Development-Premiet Partner Certificate
  • CPA Australia – Recognised Employer Partner
  • ICAEW – Authorised Training Employer

Career Development Through Continuous Learning

Averis believes in life-long learning and continuous self-improvement. We firmly believe that everyone comes to work wanting to do a good job and to succeed in whatever they do. We provide you with the training and development that you need. Our training and development programmes are designed with a focus on shaping a successful and rewarding career for you.

  • Core Programs
  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading Business

At Averis, you get to work, learn and grow with other young professionals just like you. We have a diverse group of multi-ethnic employees from Malaysia and abroad, who work alongside one another in a cordial and friendly manner.

While we may all come from different backgrounds we all share something in common—the will to succeed in whatever we do.