Management Associate Programme
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The Averis Management Associate Programme (MAP) is a 24-month elite programme designed with clearly-defined milestones and structured learning experience to develop highly-competent young talents. With a main focus of building the leadership pipeline for Averis, this is a fast-track progression opportunity to management levels.

Through the programme, our hand-picked talents will work with cross-functional teams on projects to develop the fundamental skills, as well as work closely with our senior leaders on current business challenges. The Averis MAP enables talents to realise their full potential and get ahead of the pack, emerging as an outstanding leader in the industry of your choice.

Challenging assignments
On-the-job training via job rotations
Cross-functional projects
Coaching and mentoring
Structured L&D experience
Fast-track career progression
Fresh graduates or less than 15 months’ experience
Minimum CGPA of 3.2 or equivalent
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualification
Strong analytical and presentation skill
Highly motivated and ambitious
Excellent command of English both spoken and written

*Leadership skill*Experience in leading a project, the student’s society or a club at the university and/or previous workplace (with proven certification or references).

Mobility willingness & ability to travel

With our MAP, you are empowered to choose your own path, from one of these specialties.

The Averis MAP is a 2-year structured programme comprising:

Job Rotations and
Stretch Assignments

Leadership Development


Regular Project

Talent Partner


Step 1: Online application

Create an Averis career account and apply into our Management Associate Programme.

Step 2: Presentation to the panel

Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be invited for a presentation session with a panel comprising senior leaders from the various functions.

Step 3: Assessments

Candidates will go through a set of assessment tests.

Step 4: Final interview

Shortlisted candidates will move on to the final interview with the management and supervisors.

Hear from our Management Associates

The thing I enjoy the most from the Averis Management Associate Programme is the chance to work in various functions and the secondment opportunities to customers’ sites in different countries. For that reason, being able to navigate in diverse social settings and cultures is definitely an advantage being a Management Associate. I believe that being proactive is very important here – taking initiatives, dealing with challenges, and stepping out of your comfort zone. This is how I honed one of the most important skills in my job – Analytical Skill. With Analytical Skills, I am able to solve problems by finding the root causes and able to analyse problems from the “big picture” perspective.

Yu Kae Yang

Management Associate, RTR2
Finance & Accounting Tower
Averis Sdn. Bhd.

The Management Associate Programme here at Averis is like a roller coaster ride to me, in a good way. Things happen very quickly here and my learning curve throughout the whole programme is very high. I get to be exposed to different work environment and different job scope simultaneously, including secondment to our customers’ sites. The biggest challenge I faced during my MA programme is managing multiple stakeholders, especially across job rotations. I eventually learnt how to manage my stakeholders and this has helped me greatly in my work even after graduating from the programme. To be a Management Associate in Averis, from my experience, is not only to excel in your academic, but also having an open mind and a positive attitude. Both are very important to excel at and benefit from the Averis Management Associate Programme. If you are up to challenges, join us as a Management Associate!

Chong Ching Er

Management Associate, RTR2
Finance & Accounting Tower
Averis Sdn. Bhd.