Patience and Perseverance, the key to staying resilient in 2020

07 December 2020

Friends of Averis had our last town hall in 2020 last Friday. Over 450 colleagues came together virtually, Building Connectedness via a video conferencing platform. 2020 has been a trying year for us all at Averis and Ace Resource, just as it has been for many. We persevered – having held hands and worked together towards delivering our services and meeting customers’ needs.

This year, we are also celebrating a total of 43 Long Service employees who have served the company for 5 years (36 colleagues), 10 years (6 colleagues) and one remarkable 25 years who had been with our customer groups prior to joining us. Your unwavering commitment and contribution are invaluable to the growth of the company, and we look forward to many more glorious years with everyone!

The session was wrapped up by CIO’s note on the P words which are key to staying resilient and emerging stronger in 2020. These P words are: Patience and Perseverance, People: emPowerment, Process, Productivity, Purpose and Passion, Pulse, and last but not least Privacy where everyone continues to keep oneself safe in the collective fight against the pandemic.