Samila’s Road to Resilience and Cultural Discovery at Averis

Samila is a down-to-earth Brazilian with a passion for adventure and a strong sense of determination. From her roots in Bahia in Brazil to her thriving career at Averis, her journey is a testament to tenacity and growth. Join her as she shares her heartwarming experiences, cherished memories, and insider tips for exploring the wonders of Malaysia.

  1. We’d like to know everything about you. Tell us more!

Hello, I’m Samila Luz, I was born and raised in Bahia, a northeast state in Brazil. I’m an only child so I have a really strong bond with my parents, but I’m also always looking to build solid ties with friends. I consider myself a simple person, very determined, intense, and always looking for new challenges. Furthermore, I love travelling, getting to know new places and cultures, admiring sunsets and moonrises, and I love the beach.

My professional story began when I was studying in university in Alagoinhas and I managed to get a traineeship at one of our customer’s organisations. I joined the controllership team and helped with accounting as well as other cost related activities. With the implementation of SAP, I dedicated myself to understanding the new system better, which gave me a solid foundation to be hired there. Three years later, I was invited to join the Averis Bahia team.

After another three more years, I was invited to join the Averis team in Kuala Lumpur. Even though I had never travelled abroad before, I accepted the opportunity without any hesitation.

  1. How long have you been with Averis, and how has your journey been so far?

I’ve been in Averis for close to 11 years now, and growth is the word that defines my journey at Averis, both professionally and personally.

The change of continent, country, and culture has brought me exponential personal growth, and today I have the background to deal with the most diverse people and situations. I believe that I’ve acquired significant knowledge in Malaysia, and my adeptness in adjusting to a diverse environment has shaped me into a more robust and resilient individual.

  1. Do you have any memorable moments in Averis? Care to share?

The most memorable moment for me would be the first annual dinner I attended. The splendour of witnessing everyone meticulously dressed themselves to attend such an elegant dinner brought me great joy. Another very important moment was when, after almost three years at Averis, I was faced with the transition of my leader, and I was also promoted, taking on a new team. Consequently, I found myself confronted with the task of enhancing my proficiency in English and guiding my team on Brazilian legislation, defining processes and obtaining the requisite authorisations.

I also had to deal with the departure of a great friend, a very important support during my adaptation in Malaysia, which was a time of personal and professional transformation. This period marked a turning point in my career at Averis, filled with learning and growth.

  1. How has it been working with the team you’re assigned to?

As a leader, I possess an approach that prioritises challenges as well as the personal and professional growth of each team member. I believe that it’s the power of collaboration and effective communication that achieves significant collective results.

I derive great pleasure from serving as a mentor, imparting my knowledge and experience to aid individual team members in their growth. Furthermore, I’m open to different opinions and perspectives, and encourage healthy discussion within the group. Nonetheless, I also place a high value on the presentation of sound and reasoned arguments in discussions and decision making, consistently seeking the optimal approach to tackling obstacles and achieving established objectives.

  1. When you first joined the company, how did you find a sense of belonging and how did you cope with adapting?

Despite the cultural disparities, I felt genuinely integrated from the outset. I felt warmly welcomed, and that made all the difference to me.

When I arrived in Malaysia, I immediately encountered familiar faces, which helped me feel at home immediately. Over time, I was able to establish new friendships that proved to be fundamental and long-lasting. These new friends have become an integral part of my life.

  1. If your friends or family from back home wants to visit you here, where would you bring them to, and what would you recommend them to do during their stay here?

I’ve lived in Malaysia for the past 10 years. I’ve had the opportunity to host my friends from home, and it was a culturally enriching experience for myself and even them.

Furthermore, I was able to guide them through various destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. During these trips, we established a remarkable connection. Through these encounters, my companions were able to gain insights into these locations from my perspective, while also exchanging my admiration for the Orient. It was great joy to see my friends enjoying and interacting with the local cultures, while sharing memories and laughter.

In Malaysia, there are a few places that hold a special place in my heart, such as the Petronas Tower and all the rooftop restaurants, where I can admire the city view. I also love Pulau Perhentian, Redang, Langkawi, the cafes and restaurants in Petaling Street, and Changkat. I can also never get enough of Malaysian Mamak restaurants where I get to savour Roti Canai, and Tandoori Chicken. Oh and who can ever forget the delicious dim sums. I can never go hungry here in Malaysia.

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