Stepping Out Of Her Comfort Zone

4 November 2022

Coming to KL to embark on a brand new adventure was the biggest decision that Nursyahidatul Raihanna made. Stepping out of her comfort zone may have been a tough pill to swallow but it came with valuable life lessons and a fruitful internship experience. Read on to get to know our Averian of the month.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your decision to join Averis as an intern?

I studied at Universiti Utara Malaysia in Sintok, Kedah but I live in Ipoh, Perak. I decided to look for an internship opportunity outside of my hometown because I wanted to experience it by stepping out of my comfort zone. Living alone in Kuala Lumpur while undergoing my internship hasn’t been very easy as I was required to be independent. I saw reviews on various job portals about Averis and many said that the working environment is fun and exciting. This is why I decided to apply and begin my first ever corporate “working” adventure in Averis. I also believe that this is a good opportunity for me to gain experience in a big company like Averis because there is just so much to learn.

  1. How did you come to know about our internship programme?

I found out about this internship on Jobstreet.

  1. How do you feel about the company and the team you are working with so far?

I was fortunate enough to be placed in a supportive team because my teammates were very helpful and they were willing to teach me everything that I needed to know. My team lead is patient and is always ready to help whenever required. We, as a team, are also always on good terms which makes it easier to connect with one another. I also think that Averis has awesome employee engagement activities that give all employees, including myself, the chance to socialise and get to know other people from different departments.

  1. What did you enjoy most about being an intern at Averis?

My internship journey in Averis was truly a wonderful experience as it was my first time stepping into the corporate world. I gained more knowledge and skills that help boost my self-esteem when working with other people. The best part is my team gave me the support I needed and treated me like a fellow full timer by not underestimating my skills as an intern. I was granted the trust to show my strengths and abilities in delivering quality outcomes of any task.

Now, I can proudly say that I’ve officially become part of the Averis family after accepting the permanent position offer at the end of my internship. With the experience I gained during internship, I’m more ready and definitely stronger to face any upcoming challenges in this new working phase.

  1. What is the one thing that you learned during your internship and how did it help or make an impact on you?

One thing that I learned during my internship is how to sharpen my Excel skills. Before this, I only had basic Excel skills and I rarely used it. My seniors taught me more and have made it easier for me to get my work done. As a HR Analyst, Excel is the most important tool that I need to use on a daily basis to ensure that work is done efficiently. It also helps increase productivity.

  1. What do you think is the biggest asset any HR personnel should have?

The first thing that any HR personnel should know is that human resources evolve over the years and what the true definition is besides just recruiting people. The biggest asset that a HR personnel should have is knowledge and skills. With knowledge, we’ll be able to distinguish what is right or wrong instead of just following the instructions given to us. In terms of skills, I believe it would help us progress further in our career as it’s valuable, especially to HR who is all about managing people.

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