Town Hall 2o22

17 January 2022

2021 has not been easy for a lot, especially with the pandemic persisting and the climate crisis taking place towards year-end in Malaysia. Averis is proud to have achieved our KPI and meet most of our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), owing to the dedication and hard work of all our people whose performance exemplifies our TOPICC core values of Complementary Team, Ownership, prioritising our Customer and Continuous Improvement (CI).

In the recent Town Hall, our CIO, Patrick Khoo, and Head of Shared Services, Lim Ser Yong, both expressed gratitude towards and acknowledgement of our people’s commitment and performance, without which our 2021 report card might not be so favourable. During the same session, Patrick shared the 5-Year Roadmap for us in 2022-2026 and Ser Yong walked us through the detailed plans, explaining what the ingredients for our next success are. Over the past 15 years, Averis has seen and conquered many challenges, growing into a strong and innovative team. We are confident that we can continue to push the boundaries, go beyond our comfort zones and scale new heights in achieving the 5-Year Roadmap.

This Town Hall is our very first one in 2022. It was broadcasted digitally from the broadcast centre in our office where minimal colleagues and key speakers attended physically. We recorded over 520 attendance in total with majority of our colleagues dialling in for virtual experience.

The event continued on with our annual LEAN Awareness Roadshow where the past year CI achievements are recognised and employees completing KAIZEN are awarded. This event sets out to strengthen the CI culture that is already ingrained in the DNA of all Averians. This year, a total of 116 employees were awarded the KAIZEN award for successfully completing 28 KAIZEN projects, one outstanding employee being certified for LEAN Bronze Certification and 8 recipients in the Gen-i Appreciation Award. A total of 455 participants took part in the LEAN Challenge Activity this time around.