Traits of an Ideal Job

28 March 2022

Achieving business success is a goal that most business owners strive towards. A successful business will not exist without the right people to create, improve and deliver values. On the other hand, every successful business needs to attract and retain high calibre employees. What do you think are the traits of an ideal job that can captivate talent in the market?

Besides pursuing employment stability, employees attach great importance to intangible assets of the employer such as challenges, learning and development, the opportunity for growth, engagement and sense of belonging, award and recognition, etc.

We ran a quick poll on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages and got people to share their opinions. Here are the important criteria when it comes to choosing an ideal job:

#1 Growth Opportunity

One of the main reasons employees remain in the organisation is for a growth opportunity. Our poll resulted in 52% who ranked Growth Opportunity as the first priority in choosing an ideal job. People desire to advance in their careers, whether it is by choosing a position with additional responsibilities or one that requires a new set of skills. At Averis, there are plenty of opportunities for local and regional exposure with our large customer base. Learning and working together with people globally will definitely help to widen one’s horizon, expand connections and add more values to the job itself.

#2 Challenges, Learning and Development

Challenges, Learning and Development (L&D) comes in second with 24% in our poll. An ideal job often offers attractive opportunities for one to flourish one’s personal and professional skills. Employers that offer learning challenges, career path planning, and internal and external training will help employees expand their skills and increase their value. Averis is a company that invests in L&D and the growth of our people – regardless of market condition. Averians are also encouraged to continue developing their skills even if it is outside of their profession. In 2021, we launched our hybrid L&D model that includes virtual learning which allows the convenience of time, place and devices when it comes to learning. Now our employees can learn new skills anytime, anywhere, at their own learning pace!

#3 Engagement and Sense of Belonging

14% ranked Engagement and Sense of Belonging third. Employees who feel a higher sense of belonging in the company are most likely to have a whopping 56% increase in their job performance. It also drives a 50% drop in turnover risk, and a 75% decrease in applying sick leaves (Harvard Business Review, 2019). In addition, it is more likely to improve the company’s image and increase word-of-mouth referrals. For example, the Averis-Ace Recreation Club is run by our people for our people. This allows the employees to make suggestions based on their area of interests, brainstorm and think outside the box for innovations, plan events and work processes, and drive a strong sense of belonging among employees with the opportunity to get involved in company-wide initiatives.

#4 Award and Recognition

Our poll has a 9% on Award and Recognition. An ideal job for people nowadays provides feedback to employees about their performance, development opportunities, accomplishments and areas needing improvement. One of the most impactful types of feedback is employee recognition. Recognising employees for the hard work they do is essential everywhere. Everyone wants to be appreciated, which motivates them all the time. The awards in Averis, such as Spot Awards, Star Employee & Team Awards, Kaizen Awards and Lean Awards, aim to recognise and reward employees for their achievements and contributions to the company’s success.

#5 Flexibility

With the unprecedented pandemic situation around the globe in the last two years, businesses and humankind are forced into drastically different modes of working and living. Flexibility has become the top most talked-about traits when it comes to employee perks. Flexibility in the workplace helps employees find suitable arrangements for working conditions in the company. Therefore, it allows employees to maintain their work-life balance and improve their productivity during work. Furthermore, a flexible workplace and schedule will enable employees to focus on what is vital with a calmer mindset and weighs toward job satisfaction. Most notably, employees have some control over their time, and employers benefit from more productive and loyal employees. At Averis, we have staggered clock-in hours and Averians are able to arrange their working hours with their team members as long as it meets the company’s requirements.

Averis holds the spirit of Continuous Improvement in all aspects of our operations, including the fostering of a people-centric workplace. With the existing range of employee benefits, the company continues to innovate and introduce perks that we believe will benefit both the company as well as our people in order to grow and deliver the best to our customers.