A Captivating Blend of Heritage and Career Expertise

Introducing a captivating individual with a unique blend of heritage and career expertise. Celebrating 5 enriching years at Averis, this Continuous Improvement & RPA Manager shares a journey steeped in professional growth and Lean Six Sigma principles. With a penchant for driving change and fostering a culture of improvement, their work ethos transcends boundaries, leaving a lasting impact within and beyond the organisation. We present to you, Punniagowri Gunasekaran.

  1. G’day! Tell us something that people would be surprised to know about you.

I guess I can say that I’m a true Malaysian with an authentic South Indian name and a Malay ethnic appearance. I also have a flair for Chinese dialects, besides English and Bahasa Malaysia.

A lot of people are often confused when it comes to identifying my race because of my tanned skin, facial features, and my accent when I speak. Being a Chindian is unique in some ways, but it sometimes comes with an identity struggle. Ever since I was a kid, I often get asked if I’m a Malay, that’s the most common question ever! I believe I can blend in with any race, even when overseas I can blend in as Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Burmese etc, but not my own Chinese or Indian roots.

  1. How long have you been in Averis and how has your journey been so far?

15 November 2023 marks my 5th year in Averis. I started my journey here as a Continuous Improvement (CI) Function Lead in the Finance and Accounting department. In 2021, I took on a bigger challenge, which is my current role as a Continuous Improvement (CI) & Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Manager. The past 5 years have been a wonderful journey and I’m passionate about learning more each day to be better than yesterday.

  1. Can you tell us more about your career journey?

Upon graduating with a degree of Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) from University Malaya, I was offered an auditor role and moved on as finance personnel in an oil & gas (O&G) organisation, 3 and a half years later. I was lucky to be entrusted to lead various projects within the department or cross departments. I’ve also seen opportunities to improve in the area that I’m supporting and was able to challenge the status quo by implementing changes for improvement. To top it off, I’ve earned the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt along this journey of leading Kaizen Projects.

Time flies and before I knew it, it had been approximately a decade and I wanted to move on with my career by chasing after my passion. The career change has struck me as I love to see improvements/Kaizen and this has been the best part of my job satisfaction. How to bring in value from what I have learned and experienced so far.

  1. How would you summarise what you do in Averis?

My role in Averis as a CI Facilitator is to drive and embed a CI mind-set while providing framework and governance to drive the execution of Kaizen Projects, bringing great bottom-line impact to the organisation. I also manage the Centre of Excellence (COE) Robotic Process Automation Team.

  1. What does your average work day look like? Is there any special ritual that you follow before you begin a productive day?

I like to make the most of my mornings hence I would prepare the night before, such as picking out my outfit, planning my breakfast and lunch, or perhaps schedule lunch appointments, organising my bag etc. This reduces the time spent getting ready or frantically looking for things that I might need.

In the office, I would plan my routine and meetings while enjoying some quiet ‘me time’ in the morning. I also review my to-do list and set priorities to kick start the productive day. I do save bigger or more important tasks for when my energy levels are at its highest.

  1. What do you look forward to at work?

The sense of purpose and passion towards what I’m doing thus far in my current role. This has shaped me to be who I am today. The “WHY” behind what I am doing has also become a source of daily inspiration.

  1. Share with us your most memorable moment in Averis.

Through the spirit of Kaizen team members with a ‘Can Do Attitude’ during the pandemic with several lockdowns, we conducted a virtual Kaizen Week event instead of proposing to postpone the event, knowing it’s going to be a very challenging act to handle everything online. i.e. conducting multiple workshops, discussion coordination, and even Gemba (fresh eye view) sessions. The strong sense of ownership to work on these Kaizen activities was truly memorable! You’d have to experience it to understand it.

  1. What is the biggest life lesson that you’ve obtained throughout your time here in Averis?

Continuous Improvement does not only apply to work, but also in our daily life to make us better people, in terms of Health, Relationships, etc.

  1. If you could give your younger self some life advice, what would it be?

Be Yourself and Trust Yourself!

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