Averis’ Renewed Partnership with Top Accounting Bodies

08 January 2024

2023 was a year of hitting new highs! Not only did we sign Memorandums of Understanding with some of Malaysia’s top educational institutions, we also had the chance to renew our partnerships with leading accounting bodies — Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), CPA Australia, and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

Cultivating Expertise with ACCA

After a great decade of collaborating, our partnership with ACCA continues and we’re now a recognised Approved Employer, with a certification in Trainee Development (Platinum) and Professional Development. Through this partnership, we’ll be able to enhance the professional and technical skills of our Finance and Accounting employees by providing practical experiences as well on-site training. Thanks to ACCA, we also get to fulfil our commitment of supporting our Finance and Accounting employees’ training and development needs. 

Dynamic Partnership with CPA Australia 

We’ve successfully acquired the Recognised Employer Partner title through our renewed partnership with CPA Australia. This partnership is a big stepping stone for our Finance and Accounting employees because the on-site training and practical experiences that we provide are recognised by CPA Australia, which is relevant for those who want to become a member. In turn, all the experiences gained throughout their tenure here will also meet the required CPD accreditation. 

Commitment to Excellence with CIMA

The renewal of our partnership with CIMA reaffirms our status as a Training and Development Quality Partner. This recognition not only signifies our commitment to excellence in providing the best training programmes but also provides our Finance and Accounting employees a higher advantage in future career advancements. Whatever stage they may be at in their career, professional development opportunities will always be available for them to take their career to the next level.

Advantages for Averians

Here’s what we can offer our employees as a certified partner of ACCA, CPA Australia, and CIMA. 

  • Subsidised membership fees by Averis, for Finance and Accounting employees.
  • Resources that can help with the success of our employees’ examinations.
  • Guidance and assistance for them to complete relevant modules at any stage of their journey with either ACCA, CPA Australia, or CIMA.
  • The best environment to learn and develop their knowledge and skills. 
  • All the experiences gained throughout our employees’ tenure here will meet their CPD accreditation
  • Paid study and exam leave that ensures that our employees have the necessary resources and time to focus on their educational goals

Our people are our assets so we remain committed to developing our employees through our industry leading training and development options. We believe that our continued partnerships with these prestigious accounting bodies can bring all of our Finance and Accounting employees above and beyond in their future careers as professionals.