Trained for Skills and Ready for Success

30 June 2023

Known as the jack of all trades, Krane can do it all! He’s a go-getter who eagerly goes for what he desires – be it in academics, career, fitness, you name it! Here, he also shares how he learned to apply trained skills that he acquired through various experiences that he gained along the way. We present to you, Krane Chan.

  1. Hi there! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Krane Chan. I graduated from University Malaya with an MBA in Finance and I have a bachelor’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering. Currently in Averis, I’m in charge of handling special projects. One thing that people might not know about me is that I used to be overweight but I managed to lose weight through determination and willpower. My weight loss led me to being the first runner-up for Mr. Global Malaysia 2019. Oh, one more fun fact – I was a featured guest on a TVB Variety show called ‘A Chef and a Gentleman’ <懿想得到>.

  1. What is your role/responsibilities at Averis?

I was recruited to be part of the  Management Associate team. Now, I handle special projects and the latest one I’m assigned to is the learning centre project. I’m in charge of liaising with external universities and brainstorming with internal stakeholders on how to bring in the cost that is relevant to the company and that can bring it to another level.

Being a Management Associate is a trainee programme that will ultimately lead us to be a management consultant, serving our customers.

  1. When you first joined, how did you find a sense of belonging at Averis?

The buddy system helped me a lot. When I first came on board, HR assigned a colleague to me for a period of time. This person brought me around and showed me where to eat, what to do, and so on. It was an easy way to blend in and connect with other peers.

  1. How would you describe the journey you made towards your current position at Averis?

It was a big career change and the struggle was real.

Before I got to Averis, I was unemployed for a few months. I sent out hundreds of job applications and only received less than a handful of job offers. It was seriously challenging because hiring managers seem to be more comfortable with profiles that have years of experience rather than looking at the potential of a candidate.

As Southwest’s co-founder, Herb Kelleher, once said – “Hire for attitude, train for skills”, however it shows that only a few actually walk the talk. I’m glad that Averis gave me the opportunity.

  1. What are your most significant achievements in life so far? Tell us about it.

One of my biggest academic achievements would be scoring a Distinction in Master of Business Administration with concentration in Finance. I was also the 1st Runner up for Mr. Global Malaysia 2019, a Male-pageant and modelling competition. In terms of fitness, I managed to go from 86kg to 70kg within 4 months with a proper diet and HIIT workouts.  During that time, I’ve also achieved 96 hours of 0 calorie prolonged fasting and that’s how I earned the Intermittent Fasting advocate role.

  1. Can you tell us what you think about the “empowerment” value and how it impacts your mentioned achievements earlier?

There are two ways to look at empowerment. One is given and another one is from within (yourself). Empowerment is formed from the fundamentals of trust when you manage to fulfil what it is expected. For example in an organisation, you are empowered to make certain decisions and carry out the work.

Empowerment from within comes from confidence, determination, and competence. My achievements are a result of those elements. Coupled with my curious nature to learn more, I managed to push beyond boundaries in the light of seeing what I could achieve in life. If you’re keen to explore exciting job opportunities that allow you to learn and level up your skills,  connect with us at recruitment@averis.com today!