Averis in Wonderland

27 September 2021


Complementary Team is one of the important T.O.P.I.C.C. core values that guide all Averians in everything we do – teamwork, synergy, empathy and many more. The 15th Anniversary campaign is one magical production from the team consisting of Averians from many different departments and towers. With the Gala Celebration concluded in August, we recently held an appreciation luncheon dedicated to the committee members of the 15th Anniversary campaign.


Themed Averis in Wonderland, this Appreciation Luncheon celebrates the wonderful and magical things we’ve achieved, all of us here Building Connectedness, working as a Complementary Team in making the Averis 15th Anniversary Celebration a magical and meaningful success. Several of us were at the broadcast centre in Wisma Averis, with social distance and SOP observed, while the rest of the team joined virtually. The teamwork is exemplary of our 15th Anniversary slogan here at Averis, where indeed “Teamwork Is Magic”!